Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CRFSuite::AttributeTuple of attribute and its value
crfsuite_attribute_tAn attribute
crfsuite_data_tA data set
crfsuite_evaluation_tAn overall performance values
crfsuite_instance_tAn instance (sequence of items and labels)
crfsuite_item_tAn item
crfsuite_label_evaluation_tLabel-wise performance values
tag_crfsuite_dictionaryCRFSuite dictionary interface
tag_crfsuite_modelCRFSuite model interface
tag_crfsuite_paramsCRFSuite parameter interface
tag_crfsuite_taggerCRFSuite tagger interface
tag_crfsuite_trainerCRFSuite trainer interface
CRFSuite::TaggerThe tagger class
CRFSuite::TrainerThe trainer class

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